breakfast with the ladies

on friday morning my mom had plans to get together with grandma and aunt joni for breakfast.  mom asked if diana or i would be interested in going as well so we could show off ledger.  well, since this is a vacation, diana opted for the extra sleep (cant blame her there!), but i figured 'hey, i'm up with ledger at 6:00 am anyway, so i might as well get a breakfast out of the deal, right?'.  ledger and i were dressed and ready for mom when she picked us up, and we got to the restaurant only a couple minutes late.  it worked out perfectly though because that way joni and grandma were already seated.  mom didnt tell grandma that ledger and i would be coming, so she was quite surprised to have us there- good surprised!  the two of them, mom included, fawned over ledger the whole meal.  i just sat by, the ever proud father, as they passed him around and laughed at his smiles and giggles.  its always nice when ledger gets to see his extended family!
(more pics)

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