thrifty acres

its been a couple years, but its time once again to get a real live summer job. the past couple summers i've been able to help diana's mom and david with a bunch of fix-up jobs and stuff.  this year though, we decided that i needed to apply to a few places for a summer job.  i filled in a few resume's figuring that nothing would really pan out, but a few days after filling one one, i got a call back from meijer!  over the next week or so i stopped in for a couple interviews and training, and now i work at meijer.  i've been keeping busy working three-four days a week stocking  in the grocery department.  its been good so far, i've done the whole grocery stocking thing so often (3 years in high school and 2 summers while teaching), that it took about 10 minutes for them to teach me and then i was off on my own like i had been working there for years!  its been going pretty good, the only struggle has been trying to help customers.  the last stocking job was 3rd shift when the store was closed, so its been different working while there are shoppers!  i havent been much help to customers with questions either.  i guess after a few more days i'll actually know where stuff is so then i can help!  all in all though, its been good to get out there and do a bit of manual labor, it gets me moving!

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