great new digs

on saturday, before we headed out to sandy pines, diana, ledger and i stopped by jeffry lee's new place!  he had been looking for a different place to live for the past few months and recently found this one.  its a bi-level duplex and is amazing!  he found a really great place: its got two bedrooms, a big kitchen, a bath and a half, a garage, and about 1000 square foot of extra storage and work space in the basement!  diana and i were totally impressed.  as he was taking us on the tour we kept saying 'oh, this is nice', and then he would show us the next level of the house, 'oh, wow, thats great!'  and by the time we saw all four levels were were blown away- 'no way!  this place is amazing!- we're moving in!'
we got the chance to hang out for an hour or so, catch up, and rex even stopped by for a while too!  oh, and jeffry lee showed off his paper wad gun...

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