under the tree with care

now it was time to get down to business: opening gifts!  we did a name exchange this year and had a lot of fun passing the gifts around and enjoying what the family had gotten.  diana and barbara got a few extra gifts too, which is only fair, its their family!  as the evening wound down, we all sat around the living room and watched an old classic: a muppet christmas carol!  it is one of barbara's favorites, so she brought it for us all to enjoy.  i think she said that this was her third time watching it just this year!
as night time drew near, we realized that this was a really full house!  with denny and gayle taking the guest bedroom, diana and i dragged an extra mattress into the living room to sleep.  we even talked barbara in to spending the night so we could have more fun in the morning!
the next day we had a great time of doing a whole lot of not much.  we just enjoyed the day off and milled about, talking, laughing, and having a great time!  by late afternoon, diana and i packed it in with our stinky dog, and headed home.  the car was filled with gifts received to replace the gifts given and we were filled with great times and lovely memories!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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