new phone!

for the past year diana has had an iphone.  she totally loves it.  so do i.  all the fun apps and games you can get are great to play with.  this usually resulted in my stealing of her phone almost every night!  diana was starting to get annoyed by this, so i knew it was time for me to get one for myself.  i had to wait until the contract expired on my old phone before i could get a new one.  in anticipation of a check that i knew would be coming for me, i declared a couple months ago that when it arrived i was going to get myself my own iphone for christmas.  diana didnt bat an eye, in fact she was thankful that i wouldnt be confiscating hers each night anymore!  when that check finally came, we went directly to the phone place and got me my very own iphone!  and i have been loving it ever since!

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