snake mug

there is one show on tv that i am obsessed with: the late late show with craig ferguson.  ive been watching it for years- never missing an episode!  in fact, for the past four years i've been writing about the show on my other blog 'the scottish king'.  ive had the opportunity to even go to a taping of the show when i visited my friend adam in l.a. a few years ago.  well, craig ferguson has a mug that he has been using for a few years now.  its a big rattlesnake ceramic mug.  ive always wanted one of my own and i finally did something about it.  i talked with the nice woman who owns the website house of tasso, the only distributor in the country that sells them online, and got myself one of those famous rattlesnake mugs!  it recently arrived and is pretty cool!  i talked about it a bit and put some pictures on my other blog which you can check out here.  my wife is even cool enough to let me display it in our living room!

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