ultrasound 2

its finally time for our ultrasound to see how our little munchkin in doing!  i tell ya what, i am so glad that we went and had one already to find out its gender- there's no way we could have waited until now to find out if we were having a boy or girl!  we just aren't that patient!  we got there and went to the ultrasound room.  the nurse put that clear goop on diana's belly and then the wand.  suddenly there he was in black and white for us to see!  he's gotten much bigger since our last ultrasound.  its much easier to see the different parts of him.  last time we could make out bits and pieces, but we mostly just took the nurse's word for it!  now, it was very obvious when we saw his arm or leg or face!  for about an hour we got to watch him squirm around in there as the nurse took pictures and made measurements of him.  she said that he was looking healthy and active in there, which is a huge answer to prayer!  it was awesome to see him again- diana and i couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces!  we are going to have to work on that patience of ours, we've still got 15 weeks yet till we get to see him for real!
(more pics)

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