after dinner was all cleaned up, we were ready for the main event: prizes!  (just so you know, in my family we dont call them gifts, we go with my dad's strange tendency to call them prizes instead.  just go with my on this one...)  we picked our spots and got rollin!  the kids were very excited, to say the least, and all the rest of us were pretty geared up for it too!  we did a pretty good job of spacing it out so that the excitement could last for a couple hours, allowing the kids to stop and play with some of their new toys, and give us adults enough time to saunter back over to the kitchen and grab another snack or two...  we got some pretty nice stuff, and everyone enjoyed the prizes we got for them.  bubba was all about the legos this year (as usual!), tweets was loving all the pink girly stuff she got, and aves was rockin out with her girlyish stuff too (she likes the girly pink stuff too, but i'm guessing its partly because her big sister likes it...).  diana and i got a bunch of fun baby stuff to fill the nursery drawers with, which made diana very pleased.
as usual, the family went overboard and got everyone too much stuff!  afterward we always say that we shouldn't have had so much, but we all secretly love it...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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