beltline family

with christmas break coming up, diana and i made plans for visiting everyone we could in the small amount of time we had.  friday afternoon the two of us, and one stinky dog, packed up and headed up to grand rapids for the first leg of our christmas tour!  we got there just in time too, the whole family was planning on going out for dinner and diana and i got to join them at beltline for some mexican food.  it felt like forever since we had last seen them, so it was really nice to enjoy some time with everyone! the kids were in fine form, as always, being extra silly and excited about their aunt and uncle coming in to town!  bubba and i got a chance to catch up and i got to hear all about his new hobbies and stuff.  diana sat down by aves and she got an earful of hilarious conversation from that little one!  after dinner we headed back to the house and got ready for the rest of the night.  our plans to hang out with the guys and see a concert fell through, so mom pulled out the games and the three of us had a great time playing games for a couple hours!

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