bowl me over

diana's work had a christmas party this year and we were both very eager to go.  it was at the local bowling alley.  we were both looking forward to it because she works with some really great women, and fortunately i really like their husbands too!  one thing that was kind of fun was that the bowling alley is pretty old school: there were no computers to keep score for us!  if you have ever tried to keep score in bowling you will understand that it can be a bit tricky!  at first someone asked if we should look for an app that would keep score for us, but fortunately, thanks to all the time i spent going with my dad to his bowling league back in the late 80's, i actually know how to keep score!  we were having a great time, and then came all the food (which is what diana was really there for anyway...), tons of greasy bowling alley food!  it was a virtual fried feast!
we had a great time hanging out with everyone and doing a little bowling.  we were there for almost three hours and only got in one game- we were too busy having fun and talking!
(more pics)

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