first snow

man, that took forever!  this year the first snow fall came really late.  i'm not one of those people who hates the winter and gets frustrated when there is snow on the ground- i rather like it!  this year, though, has been decidedly warm.  we had fifty degree days all the way into december!  for the first time this year i walked out in the morning and saw that beautiful white site: snow all over the ground.  it was good to see, in my opinion, though i know of many people who did not feel the same way as me.  namely, my wife...  snow means the start of something else, too.  each year i have a tradition: when we get the first snow fall i grow a beard!  sadly, this usually elicits the same response from my wife as the snow fall itself...  well, i'll keep growing it for as long as she will let me.  my guess is that wont be long.

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