i love teaching and i love my students!  earlier this year i had a couple students come and visit me who had graduated the year before.  this is a common occurrence, i often get visits from former students sharing what they are up to these days.  well, one in particular, who i had nicknamed chuck, came and chatted with me for a while.  he said that he is on the wrestling team at illiana.  this was such a shock to me- he was such a quite, mild mannered boy!  the thought of seeing him in combat with another person was so strange to me!  so told him to let me know when he would be having a tournament and i would try to go and cheer him on!  well, he let me know that one was going to be coming up, so i made sure to stop by the high school and watch.  it was quite a strange thing, wrestling.  we did not have wrestling at my high school so i had never witnessed it for myself before.  it was quite a shock when the guys got out on the mat- they really go at it!  i was able to watch and cheer for a couple other former students who were on the team as well.  unfortunately chuck did not get to wrestle that time, the other team didnt have an opponent in his weight class, so i did not get to see him wrestle, but the experience was really something else!

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