finishing touches

diana has been keeping her eyes peeled for the past month or two for decorations for the nursery.  she's really good at finding cool objects and artwork that goes with her nautical theme for the nursery.  well, she finally decided that she had enough pieces to put on the wall, so i pulled out the hammer and nails and put them up how she wanted them.  and boy, does it look good!  we lucked out with the paint color in the nursery- last time i painted that room i used a beautiful sky blue which works perfect for the nautical theme and for the fact that we are having a boy!  diana is very pleased with the results, and so am i.  i'm sure we will find more things to put in the room, but for now, its finished!  now we just have to wait for the baby that goes with it!
(more pics)

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Anonymous said...

Love your baby's room! Only 3 more months!