keenan thanksgiving

diana and i had an extra long thanksgiving break this year- which was awesome!  for some reason i actually had wednesday off of work along with thursday and friday.  diana had thursday, friday, and saturday off (she always has wednesday off), so the two of us were able to go and see family for a longer visit than usual.  we arrived at diana's mom and david's on wednesday afternoon.  i had offered to work a bit that day on the bathroom so i got to work and diana and her mom headed out to go shopping.  david and i got a little bit done, cleaning up the house a bit and installing the shower curtain rod (it was one of those bowed out ones, so it needed to be set and screwed in and everything).  that night we were able to just unwind with mom and david and just enjoy the relaxing time together.
for thanksgiving we headed over to the allen family gathering.  it was good to see the extended family again, it had been pretty recent since we had last gotten together: diana's cousin stanley got married just a couple months ago.  it is always a highlight to visit with the allen family!  diana's uncles are quite funny and her cousins are really nice and easy to talk to.  i always love chatting with her uncle arnold.  he is a retired pastor and such a cool guy!  he's very wise and smart, and always has an interesting story for just about everything!  i wish they lived closer because i could definitely see meeting up with him for breakfast or something and chatting for hours every week!
friday morning diana and i got up and helped get the place ready for the big feast: set up extra chairs, make the table bigger, set the places at the table, etc.  all the while the place was smelling better and better as the day went on!  david made two turkeys for the big group, this means that i got to double up on my favorite part of thanksgiving: carving the turkey!
it was a great time, diana's whole family was there: mom, david, barbara, dad, grandma, bill, uncle denny, aunt gayle, even a friend of grandma's came along!  (she didnt have anywhere else to go for thanksgiving, so grandma invited her to come with us for the day).  we had so much food and a great time!  after all the food was packed away and the dishes were in the sink (because the dishwasher was already full...), diana and i had to say our goodbyes and head up to see my family for the rest of our extended thanksgiving break.
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