off to the cabin

its that time once again, boys and girls: its time for our annual cabin trip!  hurrah!  all the guys got together, as is our tradition, to head up to good ol' baldwin michigan for some time together.  we were very excited because it seemed like everyone was going to be able to make it this time, which hasnt happened in a couple years.
i drove up to grand rapids the night before and went out for a movie and dinner with rex, jeffry lee, and brains.  it was then that brains dropped the unfortunate announcement:  he wasnt going to be able to go after all.  suck!  he was really excited to come along and had been planning on it for months, even getting new boots and a hat, but the day before we were to leave he was informed that he couldnt have the days off and needed to appear in court during our trip (he's a lawyer, but the way).  we were obviously frustrated, no one more than he, but knew we needed to press on in spite of the loss.
tuesday morning the rest of us gathered together, dusty, jeffry lee, aaron, keith, rex, adam, and myself, at aaron's place.  we packed up the two cars and were off to a couple days of crazy fun!
(more pics)

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