packing in

the rest of the night was a great one, up at the cabin.  unfortunately i am not at liberty to share much about it.  you know, 'loose lips sink ships' and all that...  but the next morning, after a bunch of sleeping, we were back to having a great time!  usually when we are up at the cabin there is a deadline for when we have to leave by.  often one of us will have some sort of plans that day that we need to get back home for, which forces the rest of us to pack it in a bit earlier than we might like.  well, this year there was no such time frame- so we took our sweet old time packing up!  finally, around three or four in the afternoon, we had finished lounging around, packed up all our stuff, cleaned the place nice and good, and were ready to leave.  another cabin year successfully completed!  on the way home we were already talking about next year!  (this picture is very funny, but its one of those things that cannot really be explained...)
(more pics: 1, 2)

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