in with the new!

it finally happened!!!  the wife and i were blessed over this christmas season, and now that dream has finally become a reality!  when diana first proposed that we should spend the money on a new tv, i shrugged it off and told her that there were other things to spend it on.  she insisted, and i told her no.  she insisted a third time, and i'm no fool- i had already given her two opportunities to back down, but she didnt take it.  that means i am going for it!  near the end of my christmas break we headed on over to best buy to see what deals they had.  i wasnt planning to come home with a new tv, i just wanted to see if there were any deals, and then come home and shop around a bit online.  well, there just so happened to be a deal and i walked out with a new 55 inch flat screen tv!!!  i was as giddy as a child!  after buying the tv we soon realized that there was absolutely no way it was going to fit in our car, so i made a quick call and borrowed a truck from someone i work with and picked up that 55 inch beauty!  we got it home, set it up, and i still cant wipe the grin off my face- it finally happened!  i would have been pleased with a 42 inch, i never dreamed that i would be able to bask in the glory of a 55 inch monster!  we got it all set up, uncontrollably laughing all the while, and turned it on- wow!  the next day i did what i had always planned when ever i got a new fancy tv: i finally opened my 'avatar' blu ray and popped it in. i never dared watch it on the old tv, that would be an insult!  let me tell you, it was gorgeous!  later that week we called the satellite company and upgraded to high def, and it has been amazing.  i am continually impressed with the picture quality and, of course, the size of this thing!
in short, thank you to everyone who gave us money this christmas, and thank you especially to my amazing wife who was surprisingly on board with the new tv purchase!
(more pics)

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