on the phone with a dog

the wife and i both have iphones, which we rather like.  one of the features on it is something called facetime, which basically turns the phone into a video phone.  its kind of cool, but you need to be on wifi for it to work.  diana and i have tried it before, but its not that cool if the person you are vido chatting with is just across the room on the couch...  well, diana's sister just got an iphone too!  as soon as she got it she wanted to try the facetime feature so the two of them could chat it up face to face.  one night she dialed us up and we got to see this feature in action, and it was pretty cool!  the best part of it, by far, was that barbara got to see poco too!  it was really funny including our dog in a phone call.  strange.  poco was uninterested in the whole thing, but just for a split second, he looked right at her and seemed to put the pieces together.  he stared right at her and went up to smell the phone- he must have been so confused!

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