pleased parents

it had been over a month since we got to see mom and papa, and they were sick of it!  so they decided to come down for a short visit and fix that!  the two of them were in michigan city on saturday and they gave us a call- want to go out for dinner?  our treat!  well, we arent exactly going to pass that up, are we?!?  so as soon as diana got off of work we were on our way.  we met up with them about a half our from here at quaker steak and had a great time!  we werent in any sort of rush so we got to spend an hour or two just chatting with them and sharing all the baby excitement!  mom was so pleased with how big diana's belly is getting.  i'm sure she is really excited for us to become parents, but i think she is more excited to become a grandma again!

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