week 27

finally!  i finally got to feel our little man kicking!  diana has been able to feel him wiggle around for months now, but every time i made it over to her he would be quiet as a mouse!  but this week, this week i finally got to feel him in there.  i had my hand on diana's belly for a while and then there was a faint little nudge.  i wasn't sure what it was, but it was definitely movement!  how amazing!  i immediately had flashes of the movie 'alien'.  and that's exactly what it felt like- some sort of strange alien creeping around in there!  diana has been quite used to it by now, but every once in a while he will startle her too.  all the stuff she has been reading and showing me said that he's testing out his different limbs and practicing his muscle use.  i guess that means he's doing pretty well, huh?  only 13 more weeks and we get to do more than just feel him!

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