co-ed shower

why do the women get to have all the fun when it comes to pregnancy?  ok, maybe pregnancy isnt all that much fun... but they do get to have baby showers and get together with all their family and friends and just have a great time celebrating the coming birth.  well, i decided that i wanted to do that too!  so i talked with the guys up in grand rapids about having a fun co-ed baby shower.  they were all for it, and dusty's wife carrie even stepped up and offered to host the party!  sweet!  when the night of the festivities arrived we made our way up to grand rapids and were joined at their house by a whole mess of friends!  jeffry lee, aaron and nicole, brains and allison, tim and jill, keith, and even diana's sister all showed up to celebrate with us!  we had an amazing night of hanging out.  carrie even had some great decorations, food, a cake, and a couple baby shower games to mark the occasion!  diana and i got some amazing gifts from everyone (thanks again!) and just had a blast.  by the end of the night we had gotten quite silly and loud, but amazingly dusty's two kids didnt even wake up.
this fantastic night is definitely one for the record books- amazing!
(a bunch of pics: 1, 2, 3)

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