35 weeks

things have been progressing nicely.  our little guy is starting to drop a little, which diana is very happy about!  it a little harder on her bladder, but at least her lungs have more room- now she's not winded just walking from the living room to the kitchen (for those of you unfamiliar with our house, the kitchen is one step away from the living room...).  she has been feeling more comfortable and her appetite is slowly returning to normal.  i've been a little surprised by the lack of any real pregnancy cravings.  before she got pregnant we would wonder what kind of strange cravings she would have, but there hasn't really been anything unusual at all.  i have had to make a few late night runs for snacks, of course, but they have been pretty normal.  she has craved things like ice cream and candy bars, but she craved those before she was pregnant!  the only real change that i have noticed is that she seems to like peanut butter a lot more than she ever used to.  that seems like a pretty normal thing though, right?  we've got just a few more weeks and then everything gets weird!

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