to the fun house

barbara has been planning a shower for diana the past month or two and its finally here!  she has been quizzing diana about what she would like, what the theme should be, who to invite.  all that kind of stuff.  she is so eager to plan a great party that we are really excited for it!  friday evening we grab the dog and head over to sister's house.  the plan is to stay there for the weekend, getting things ready for the party at her mom and davids house.  the fun part is that lissa and her sister liz are staying at sis' place too!  the house is crowded- but in an awesomely fun way!
we got to sis' house just a little bit before lissa.  we got a few things ready for the party, filled the party favors bags and boxes, and a few other things that barbara had planned.  when lissa and liz arrived we hung out in the living room and caught up.  it had been a while since everyone had seen each other, so we stayed up chatting till about 3:30am!  yikes!  fortunately we didnt really have anything that we needed to get up early for, so we slept in late too.  saturday we went over to mom and davids and got the place ready for the big shindig that was coming up!
(more pics)

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