poco's new bed

as we fix up the house in preparation for the baby, we had to stop and take a minute and remember the baby we already have: our little stinky poco!  for the past several months he was sleeping on an old discarded comforter that we used to have for guests when they visited.  it wasn't very soft and it didn't fit into the little space very well at all.  poco wasn't very fond of it and would often drag it out into the hallway, making a big mess.  well, diana was wondering around the store, as she is prone to do, and she came across a dog bed for really cheap.  she picked it up and poco has been in heaven ever since!  he absolutely loves this thing!  its so plush and soft that he often will choose to lay in his bed instead of on the couch with us!  we even through in an extra little fleece blanket for him to cuddle up in too.  i hope he realizes that his days of being top dog (pun intended) are about to come to an end...
(more pics)

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