here in indiana they have a rule about getting a license for your car:  every two years your car has to pass an emissions test in order to be able to get licensed.  that has never been an issue for us, well, until this year.  the little saturn we have has had its check engine light on for the past year and a half, which means it cannot pass the emissions test until that little light goes off.  if you know anything about saturns, you know that those things have their 'check engine' light on more than off.  the car runs fine, without any problems, but according to the emissions checking machines, it does not.  argh!  well, one of the codes that came up said that one of the problems could be from old spark plugs.  well, i resolved to fix this little problem myself.  the truth of the matter is though, that i am by no stretch of the imagination, a car guy.  so this was going to be a real challenge for me.  or so i thought, it turned out to be quite easy!  i found a video online about changing a spark plug on a saturn, watched it, and got right to it!  the whole process only took about 15 minutes, and boy did it make me feel pretty cool!  i'm not entirely sure if its related, but about a week later the check engine light actually did turn off long enough to get a second emissions test and get the car passed!  that was certainly God's work in watching out for us, allowing us to fix the car cheaply because He knows we need all the money we've got to prepare for our baby!

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