week 38

we are getting closer and closer! diana and i have been taking a lamaze class for the past few weeks now. i wasnt quite sure what to expect, all i had really known about lamaze class was what they always show on sitcoms. turns out, its not as bad as they always seem to make it out to be. in fact, its pretty interesting! each wednesday night we go to the medical facility for the class. a woman who works for the hospital comes and shares some information about what to expect, then we do a little of the pain management and breathing techniques stuff. going in i thought it was going to be just the breathing stuff and wondered how we could possibly spend six weeks, two hours each class, just learning how to breathe. i already know how, thanks! but there has been a ton of other great information that we have gone over. the teacher talked about topics like natural birth, epidurals, what to pack in preparation of coming, breast feeding, infant care, and we even took a tour of the hospital that we are going to be delivering in and got to see one of the rooms we might be staying in. over all, i think these classes have been really helpful in preparing us for what is ahead. granted, i dont actually know if we are prepared, but i feel better about it anyway!

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