shower at the lake

sunday we arrived to help set up for the shower.  diana's mom and david were kind enough to offer their house for the party, which was perfect because its big and has an amazing view of the lake!  we didnt know quite what to expect, there had been a few rsvp's, but barbara was a bit concerned about having many people show up.  there was absolutely no reason to worry, because as 1:00 rolled around, there were almost 30 people who showed up to celebrate with us!  among the guests were diana's aunts and cousins, friends and parents, and my mom and sister were able to make it as well!  we first had some time to mingle, then everyone had a change to enjoy the amazing tuna salad and chicken salad sandwiches that david had prepared for the party.  after about an hour, it was time to open all the baby prizes!  there was a mountain of them- no exaggeration!  most of the time i hung out in the kitchen with david and diana's dad, staying as out of sight as we could get, but when it time gift time, diana called me out to help her open them.  that was a blast, i loved to see all the fun stuff that others had gotten for us!  after what seemed like hours, we finally finished opening all the gifts, and boy did we get a ton of stuff!  our family has blessed us so much with all the baby stuff they have gotten for us to help us prepare for the little one's arrival.  as the afternoon wore on, the party winded down and we said our goodbyes and thank yous to each of the guests.  my mom and sister were able to stick around for a little while extra and hang out, which was really great!
finally, when everyone was gone i headed back to sis' house and packed up all our stuff, including the stinky dog.  i got back to mom and davids and we tried to pack all the baby stuff in the car only to find out that we couldnt possibly fit it all!  pretty amazing to think that we've got so many people that love us and brought us stuff that we cant even get it all in one car load!  wow!
thanks again to everyone for the great afternoon and all the stuff to help us as we welcome our little boy into the world!
(more pics)

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