baby shopping

now that we had our baby showers, we got our nursery all ready to go with everything we got.  we also took stock of all the gifts and tried to figure out what we still needed.  the answer?  more diapers!  diana made a detailed list of the other odds and ends that we still needed, and off we went to the store to fill in those gaps.  i've had quite a few months to get used to this whole 'becoming a parent' thing, but i think when diana and i were walking through the isles of target with a cart overflowing with hundreds and hundreds of diapers, i think thats one of the times when it became even more real to me!  i've seen those people in the store before, and now we are them!  yikes!  its been a good realization, but every once in a while i have one of those 'woah!' moments, you know?

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