wiskey bend

after a couple hours in the blue room, we knew it was time to move on. our next destination: wiskey bend. as far as 'hole in the wall' places go, this was the hole-iest. for being in california, it sure felt like we were back in michigan kicking it at the pump house.
we must have arrived just in time because when we got there there were some really special gals belting it out as best they could singing karaoke. i was fairly sure i hadnt had enough to step up their myself, so there was no way i was joining them. fortunately the karaoke machine was put away about twenty minutes after we got there, so we were able to enjoy our time there in relative peace...
by the end of the night we dubbed it 'cigar time', and headed out into the parking lot to puff away in celebration of all the fun and festivities that were had by all. none of us really liked the cigars, because they are gross, but still felt compelled to stand out there a while as a sign of our last night together. for some reason there was an overturned grocery cart which adam promptly laid on. im not sure why either.

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