wine time

we finally decided what to do. amy already had plans, so she headed out while the rest of us headed over to a great little italian restaurant called 'palermos'. we hung out outside by the door for a little while because they sell small glasses of wine for 75 cents, but only at the door. we sat down and had a great time recounting the fun we had during the day. al wanted to buy us a bottle of wine for our meal. he ordered a cheap one and the waiter brought it to us. he popped the cork and had me take a sip of it to see if it was satisfactory. this was especially funny because i really dont like wine, but i pretended to, smelling the wine first, then swirling it in its glass. yes, that will do nicely. we got our meal and chowed down. half way through eating al realized that the wine he brought us was not the kind he ordered. so he quickly finished the bottle, then talked to our waiter about the problem. he ended up getting us the original kind we ordered as well! the guys were feeling pretty good by the time the meal was done...
across the room from us was the other table, sitting there were a bunch of teenagers who were celebrating a birthday party. with cake and everything, which adam was eyeing the whole night. after they left, adam was feeling naughty. he nonchalantly wondered over the their table, pulled out a fork, and quickly filled his mouth with a bite of leftover cake! al cries 'oh, come on, you dont have to hide it!' and then proceeds to walk over, grab a fist full of cake, and jam it into his mouth!!!
(more pics)

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