the new ride

my car finally gave up on me. it went kaput. i had been warned, but it was still a sad thing to witness. fair thee well, dear car, you will be missed.
what now? i didnt want to be pestering people to drive me here and there forever, so i figured i must step up and buy a new one. so i did! diana came over and we went looking. it didnt take long before we came across the one that caught my eye. after a couple test drives and a few calls home, i made the plunge and bought a new car: a 2004 grand prix gt! and oh, baby, it is beautiful!!! im not a car guy, but i know what i like. ive always been partial to the grand prixs, i loved their old look, and i love the new look even more. and now i am the proud owner of one. it had really low miles and all the extras: leather interior, 6 cd changer, sunroof, heated seats, and a bunch more. the price was right (and by right i mean too expensive), so we took it and gave it a new home. it has been a lot of fun to drive, and i feel totally awesome driving around in it.


Nick O. said...

Black Grand Prix's are the coolest. You aren't cool if you don't have one... (We bought one back in January, its an '05 though)

Nick O.

Robb said...

Mark, Tracy said that all you needed now was a letterman's jacket to complete the package.