flying out

friday afternoon the guys headed over to my place. they arrived a little after 2pm. we packed up and headed over to matts. he then drove us to ohare for out flight out. things went fairly smoothly with tickets and security check. aaron and i almost got ourselves a free mac laptop in the whole process, but missed out (darn you, morals...).
the flight out of chicago went well. jeffry lee and i were able to watch a little 'stargate sg1' on my laptop, at least until the battery totally died on us and we never got to see if the team was able to get out of its time bending black hole troubles. i sure hope they made it ok...
we had a layover in denver and raced to the gate so that we would make it onto our next flight. come to find out there was really no reason to rush. it seems that our pilots were still caught up in their last flight, so they hadnt arrived yet... after about a half hour they showed up. ten minutes later we hear over the intercom 'well folks, my copilot was making a safety check of the plane, and noticed a problem with one of the tires. its got some wear on it. i wouldnt say it has a hole in it... (it totally had a hole in it) but we are going to need to change it. its going to be another 40 minutes to take care of that.' argh! oh well, it seems like we are going to arrive an hour or so late. it was no biggy, and it gave me a chance to talk to the guy sitting next to me who really enjoyed swearing. lucky me.

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