birthday bash

one of the great things about the timing of our trip out to california was that it just so happen to fall on adams birthday! so, needless to say, we celebrated! on friday when we arrived al and floyd picked us up from the bob hope airport and brought us back to adams place. when we got there there were about 10 people hanging out having a great time. adam had invited a ton of his buddies over for his birthday, and these were the ones who were still around at midnight. we missed the big swell of thirty or so people because our flight was late. argh.
fortunately, angus was still there, and its always a pleasure to talk with him. we got to ask him a little about his show, 'the oblongs', and what he is currently working on. another party goer was a kid by the name of ren. he and jeffry lee got along real well and had some interesting conversations, to say the least... adam, for some reason, thought it would be a great idea to show off to all his guests the movie 'murder in a mansion'. it is a movie that we made back in middle school, and is rather embarrassing. although, i do a pretty good job of playing a woman...

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