clothes, God, and dinner

we arrived home safely, and after a little down time, we headed back out! adam showed us a really cool used clothing store called 'its a wrap', which is a place that gets the clothing from film sets and studios, and then sells them second hand. it was a pretty cool place that has some unique and fun clothing. adam says he shops there regularly, and i certainly believe him. i found a few things: a purple shirt (which i love), a brown shirt (its got snaps!), and a button down long sleeve blue shirt.
we then headed out to adams church. it was nice to be able to put an image now with his church so that when he talks about it i know where he means. the church was cool, the sanctuary was actually a round room, so the congregation sits on all three sides. the singing was great and the sermon was good. the most unexpected thing happened there: i saw someone i know!!! renee, who i went to college with, was there that night! we got to take a little time and catch up after the service. it was good to see her, but so strange! who expects to run into someone you know while on vacation?
after church we went out to eat at one of adam and als favorite spots: gordon biersch. it was a really good brewery that had amazingly fresh calamari, and delicious burgers. we hung out there for a couple hours, i finally got to step away and call diana (i was really missing her by this point...), and the rest of the guys turned up their charm with the waitress. we told her it was adams birthday (not technically true, but it was the reason for our visit, so i didnt feel to bad) and she brought us out a cake.
a long day, but truly a blast!

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