falling apart

yeesh, what a week! my car started acting up a bit over the past month or two. it would slide a bit when it would shift, and the temperature gauge on the engine was creeping up a bit too high. i figured it might be a good idea to bring it in and have someone look at it. i figured 'no problem, its probably just a clog in the coolant system and maybe it just needs a tune up'. boy was i wrong! i go in to hear what the prognosis is, and it turns out my car needs a new transmission and a new intake manifold. i can expect to pay a small sum of $3000! now, i know im not a car guy; i know some of the car stuff can get me a bit confused, but there is one thing i know: $3000 is a lot of money!!! i ask the mechanic (who is a friend i trust) what i should do- do i spend the money and fix it, or just call it dead? his advice was to just walk away from it and look for a different car. awesome. i was hoping i could spend a ton of money on replacing something i own!
then, about three day later my hot water heater starts acting up. i turn up the temp a bit for a warmer shower and it starts bubbling over! water starts pouring out of its release valve sputtering and stammering. i shut off the water and fear the worst. i call home to ask dad what to do, but hes not real keen on plumbing (hes a wiz at everything else, just not plumbing) so he just suggests that i call a repair guy. i do. its a bunch cheaper to wait until monday for him to come, so i schedule a time. i spend most of the rest of the day trying to figure out how im going to take a shower the next morning for work. after a few hours i turn the heat back down on the tank and turn the water back on. it seemed to have corrected itself for now, so i breath a bit easier. by morning i feel confident enough to take a shower, all but a very quick one, and get ready for work. i dont hear any water coming down the release valve. i figure it might have just been a fluke and i dont need to worry about it (you know, ignore it and it will go away). i cancel the plumber and hope for the best.
that was a week ago and its been running fine ever since. i wish i could say the same for my car...

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Sean and Rachael said...

If your water heater is utilizing the release valve, it means the pressure in the tank is too high. It could be caused by too much sediment in the tank or by simply cranking up the temperature in the tank. You don't want to ignore it..have someone check it out soon.

good luck with the heater!