the sign

just down the street from manns and the kodak theater is a three story outdoor mall. we walked around for a bit there. on one of the walkways there is a great view of the hollywood sign, so we stopped to take a look at it. its still really far away, so its hard to get a close up picture of it.
while we were in the mall we stopped at a smoke shop because we decided we would celebrate the end of our vacation with cigars. as we were walking in i noticed an old woman sitting at a table coughing uncontrollably. didnt think anything of it as we walked in, well, until i caught a wiff of something strong... the woman behind the counter of the little cigar shop asked 'do you smell marijuana?' we kinda did. i peeked back outside at the woman coughing, now she had a couple cops standing in front of her and i overheard her saying 'what? i didnt do anything wrong...' yikes. the woman behind the counter admitted 'wow, i just sold her papers a couple minutes ago...'

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