we headed up to als room to prepare for the night ahead. we were pretty excited for the night and started acting pretty goofy. i believe at some point adam was a window gargoyle, jeffry lee became known as an accountant, and something to do with a spanking line...
there is another casino in primm called buffalo bills. we were told that the buffet over there was much better than what wiskey pete had to offer, so off we went in search of the perfect dinner selection. on the monorail we broke out into song (which was not an uncommon thing for us through out the whole trip...) and performed a seven part harmony of the much loved classic 'kit kat bar song'. i dont often toot my own horn, but i must admit, we were quite good. and, it would seem, the other people in the monorail with us seemed to agree, as we received a round of applause when we finished.

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