buffalo bills

and then we arrived. wow! buffalo bills was a ton cooler than the place we were staying! this place had some cool atmosphere, the lighting was dark and there was a huge fake tree coming out of the middle of the place that was strewn with lights and even had crazy cowboy mannequins chilling out in it. rad.
we took a seat at the buffet. just as i was coming back from getting round one of food, there was a table a little ways away that just erupted! the couple sitting there got into a huge argument and it was quickly coming to blows. yikes! finally a security guard showed up and took care of it, but it was quite a fun little 'jerry springer' moment to witness...
now, to be honest, the food wasnt that great, but it was cheap and unlimited, so i didnt feel a need to complain. everyone was enjoying themselves chatting and being silly. the rest of the dinner went off without a hitch, well, except for the two chairs that kept following jeffry lee.

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