manns chinese

just a little bit down the street from the kodak theater is the famed manns chinese theater. it is a functional theater that is very impressive on the inside, which we didnt see. i figured even though it may be amazing to see, it still wasnt going to be worth watching 'drillbit taylor' for.
the outside of the theater was very impressive, and really cool to be in this place that i had seen so many times in pictures and on screen. the exterior was awesome, with its chinese theme and giant animal statues, but the place definitely needed some work done to repair and repaint some of the wear it has had.
the best part of the theater is the cement out front. this is the place where people put their foot prints and hand prints into the wet cement. we saw many different names and people, among them were john wayne, will smith, the cast of star trek, and even steven seagal (which i took a picture of, just for my dad...). oh, and across the street i found a really cool name on the walk of fame.

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