one eyed neil young

another great tradition of our cabin visits is heading out into the baldwin nightlife.  we always go to the local bar which used to be called 'sporties'.  its called something else now, but i've never bothered to learn its new name...  one great thing about sporties is that you never know what you are going to get when you walk in.  some years the place is completely empty, other years its full and offering a strange sort of creepy buffet.  each year you can plan on the fact that there will be some strange new feature to the place that wasnt there last time.  one year it was a gigantic wooden fish hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the restaurant, another year it was a karaoke machine (which adam was totally game for!).  this year we got a live show from a local baldwinian who had some very 'colorful' songs that were something else...  now that was a real treat!  even with all these strange goings-on at sporties, one thing has remained the same: the hamburgers are amazing!  that's the reason we keep going back.  this time, after enjoying the live music, adam took some time to enjoy the parmesan cheese (on his beard), we saw a calvin college grad, and marveled at all the seating in the bathroom.  all of which, i think, is best left unexplained...
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