a squirmy sitting

with our boy getting bigger and bigger, i've been wanting to get some pictures of him done.  i know, i know, i take dozens of pictures of him every day, but i still want some good ones done professionally (on a side note, i recently took a look at the folder on my computer that has all the pictures i took of him during his first year of life and saw that i had taken more than 2,500 pictures of him!  and that doesnt even include all of them that diana too as well!  i'm pretty sure we've got a well documented boy...).  we had taken him in to the portrait studio when he was four or five months, but we hadn't been back since.  we were long over due, so i made an appointment and brought him in.  diana wasnt able to come, so it was just the two of us.  it was really fun to put him in his fancy outfit, but so hard to get him to sit still and look at the camera!  that little squirmy wormy just wouldn't stop moving around!  we ended up with some decent pictures, but its pretty obvious that daddy was at the sitting and not momma- she would have had him on best behavior!
(more pics)

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