keenan prizes

by the afternoon everyone who was coming had arrived- now its time for prizes!  all of us gathered together in the living room and barbara took her traditional spot: right next to the tree, playing the role of gift hander-outer.  she had a bit of competition this year though, both ledger and tavish wanted in on that job too!  within minutes the unwrapping frenzy began!  barbara, mom, and david all got the boys some pretty amazing gifts- stuff that they will love to play with right now, and even stuff that will last them straight on through till summer!  they got fun toys, some crayons and coloring books, even some play-doh to make their own creations.  it was really fun to see the boys get so excited about everything.  after the weekend opening gifts at my parents, ledger took quickly to unwrapping all his own stuff.
thanks again, grandpa and grandma for all the great gifts!
(more pics)

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