recently ledger was rooting around in our bedroom closet and came across my superman coin bank.  he loved it and walked around carrying it for a while.  i figured i'd show him what it was, so i pulled out a few coins and showed him how they go in the back of it.  he thought that was the coolest thing ever!  for the next week afterwards, he would ask me right away when i got home from work 'coinths? coinths?'  knowing the drill, each day i would grab a few coins from the car and put them in my coat pocket.  when he would ask, i gave him the coins and he would go running for our bedroom to go get superman.  he would drag it out to the living room table, climb up on the chair, and the proceed to put each and every coin, one at a time, into the superman bank.  with each one i would ask him what kind of coin it was.  by about the third day of this he was picking up the names for them and was able to say which coin it was as he plunked it in the back of superman!  after all of them were done, he would dutifully get off his chair and bring superman back to the closet.

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