around the house

we haven't been out of the house much with ledger these past few weeks.  when there's four feet of snow out side and the weather is in the negative teens, it kind of makes it hard to find things to do outside the house.  fortunately, he doesn't seem to mind too much!  we've been keeping him busy with all kinds of fun things, so he's been perfectly happy keeping warm around here.  one of the things that he's been loving is drawing on his big pad of paper!  david found a huge tablet of paper in his office a while ago, so diana has been laying on the floor with ledger just doodling away.  i pulled out some of the latest pages and set them out so i could get a picture of all the colorful fun he's been up to.  so, of course, he decided that would be the perfect time to stomp around on them papers and play with his animals on them!
(more pics)

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