cabin, ho!

now that christmas was over, its time for one of my favorite traditions: the cabin trip!  a bunch of friends and i get together every year to go up to a cabin that my extended family has up in baldwin, michigan.  we've been doing it for so many years that we cant even remember the first year we started- really, we try and figure it out every year and end up no closer to figuring it out...  some years we go up for a couple nights, but this year we're just going for one.  because of that, we decide to make the most of it and meet up a bit earlier than usual.  i picked up jeffry lee and meet up with dusty.  we head over to adam's place, where he's got an old friend, sarah, waiting there to send us off.  soon after we pull up, rex and aaron arrive.  now we are ready to roll!  we have the two drivers pick their teams (aka passengers), and off we go!
(more pics)

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