mema papa's!

diana had an opportunity to go with miranda to visit lissa in detroit, so ledger and i the chance to go up and spend some time with mema and papa! it wasnt a very long visit, but any time he gets to spend with them makes everyone happy.
i always know that i dont need to bring any toys up to grand rapids when i go, mema and papa have a whole room full of toys from having the other grandkids over to play.  ledger always loves to go up to the toy room and pick a few special items to play with for the day.  his current favorite is the car playset, the noah's ark filled with animals, and for some reason, a stroller?  yeah, i dont get that one either...  saturday afternoon papa sat down on the floor to play with him, and ledger took that opportunity to teach papa all the ins and outs of his car playset!  as you can see both he and ivy are captivated...
sunday the cousins came over after church and the four of them had a great time playing together- jaidey and avery love playing with ledger so much!
(more pics)

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