chocolate milky

one saturday afternoon, right after his nap, i informed diana that it was time for a guys day out!  (actually, we just needed to get some groceries, but i thought i'd make it sound grander than it was...)  i got ledger ready and the two of us headed out together.  we went down to the local mcdonalds for a quick bite to eat.  ledger got a happy meal and did a great job of eating while we were there.  he enjoyed the cheeseburger and apple slices, but he still doesn't care for french fries- which is perfectly fine by me, he doesn't need to eat that stuff anyway!  his favorite part though, by far, was the chocolate milk that came with the meal!  he already loves milk, but this was the first time he had ever had chocolate milk!  i put the straw in it and gave him a sip, it was so funny to watch his face: at first he was totally normal, but once that chocolaty goodness hit his taste buds, he gave the funniest look!  in an instant it went from confusion to pure bliss!  i tried to pull it away, but he just wouldnt let go of my hand.  through out the rest of the meal he kept asking 'milky? milky?  more milky?'  i had to space out his drinks just so that he would actually eat some food too!  after he finished up his meal, we headed over to aldi to pick up a few groceries, then it was back home to a rested and relaxed momma, happy for the couple hours of peace!

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