games and memories

after sporties, we headed back to the cabin.  adam had been thinking and brought a really fun game for us to play together.  it was one he had never played before, and it was a super blast!  all of us were doubled over laughing for most of the night- so fun!  by the time we wrapped that up everyone was exhausted, so we spent the rest of the night just chilling out and chatting.  most of the talk was pretty nostalgic, remembering our time in grade school and middle school.  needless to say, it probably got pretty boring for rex and jeffry lee, the two guys who didn't go to the same grade school as us.  sorry!  eventually we all crawled into our sleeping bags and beds and called it a night.  in the morning we took our time a bit in getting up, soon packed up, and wrapped up another year of cabin fun.  as a group, we rarely get a chance go all get together through out the year, so its a little bittersweet to say goodbye to everyone.  well, at least we will have next year!
(more pics)

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