lucky boy!

after all the christmas fun with my family, we headed back home and had a grand old christmas with diana's family too!  ledger was thrilled that there were even more presents to open!  alanna and tavish had come to visit once again, this time it was so that we could have a fun christmas together as a big family!  one of the amazing gifts that ledger got he didn't even have to open- in the morning he woke up and as we walked into the living room he got to see it- a rocking horse!  he was so excited i thought he was going to explode!  at first he wasn't quite sure what to make of it: a giant horse in our toy room!  he walked up to it and started petting it.  i asked him if he wanted to get on and he wasn't entirely certain what i meant.  i scooped him up and put him on the horse and he was thrilled!  he rocked on that thing for about a twenty minutes straight.  as soon as he got off of it, he wanted to go back on.  he probably spent an hour or two on that thing the first day he got it!
(more pics)

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