worth a try

diana and i decided to head down to merrillville and check out whats shakin'.  we hadnt been down there since before christmas, so we packed up the baby and drove down.  we had grand plans to wander around the mall for a while, then go out to enjoy a nice dinner together.  well, we tried the mall thing, but we were both getting a bit cranky and realized that it was because we were both starving!  when we got out to the car we tried to figure out where we wanted to go to eat but for some reason the only thing that sounded good to both of us was arby's!  go figure.  by the time we were finished eating and feeling much better, well thats when ledger decided he would woop it up a bit!  now he was cranky and loud, so we just decided to pack it up and head back home.  sometimes going out isnt quite what you hope it will be.  thankfully we havent had too many times where we had to give up.  when all was settled and back home ledger was as quiet as a mouse.  figures!

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